Expert painting and decorating/redecorating

Every once in a while every single dwelling, house or residence needs painting and redecorating by rolling, brushing and even spraying. In order to achieve outstanding results team of professional painter and decorators is required. Only best paints and expert craftsmanship will allow customer to enjoy long-lasting paint job. Customers can be sure that after they see effects of our work they will be impressed by their home looking like a brand new one.

Our wide offer of interior services includes:

• Painting of interior
• Wallpapering
• Fixing any damage done by water or damp
• Reparation of any unwanted cracks, holes and seams
• Sanding of the surface
• Plaster skimming
• Sealant and varnishing
• Securing of all pieces of furniture, wooden or metal parts, windows as well as floor and ceiling
• Installation of cornices
• Installation of Plasterboards
• Straining
• Removal of paint from hardware, wood and cornice with Peel Away products
• Installation of Light Trim
• Door Trim and Architrave
• Railing of pictures
• Trimming of Floor Base

Our wide offer of exterior services includes:

• Accent colours
• Wall restoration
• Pressure washing
• Texture
• Straining of wood
• Fence and Deck Staining
• Rendering
• Painting of the exterior walls
• Maintenance of wood, vinyl and metal surfaces
• Deck refinishing
• Wheathershielding

Process of preparation:

First thing that our team is going to do is preparing the surface to make sure that the results of painting will be long-lasting. Pressure washing of the surface will ensure that any traces of dirt, old and loose paint etc. are removed. Removing the remaining loose paint is done by scraping the surface and fixing any remaining obstacles that can affect the process.