Loft conversion

Loft converting is very popular because of the functionality of the space that is acquired during the process. An additional room will allow your family to literally change your whole house and make it more functional and appealing. Our team of qualified experts will cover every step that is a necessity from architectural analysis, designing to fitting and decorating. After our veteran expert reviews the plans and designs that were provided by an architect we will discuss possibilities with our customer in order to come up with the best solution. Estimate for work and materials will be delivered to you. We will decide about materials and the source of them to make sure that you are satisfied with the quality as well as with price. Draft and timeline will be specified afterwards. There is a possibility of introducing some changes to the project during the process of conversion.

In case if you didn’t hire an architect we will provide one and make sure that the City Council approves the project so that we can begin. Many building restrictions were removed by a new law introduced on 1st October 2008.

There are three types of loft conversions possible:


This type will add headroom for the staircase and a room or rooms. Option is suggested when there is not enough space for the conversion proposed. It is extremely popular in London.


The type is suggested for customers that want to gain only one additional room, generally it is meant to be bedroom. In this conversion type the required height is available in the existing loft space. As an addition, rooflights can be installed.


This type is very common in some local communities where people follow one trend. It allows much flexibility when it comes to fitting and decorating so it might be a good solution for people who would like to add some sophistication to their home design.